Multimedia Production
The biggest challenge tutors face is being equipped with the right multimedia resource. The multi-skilled SDM multimedia production team through experience is able to efficiently work on each element of text, graphics, visuals, diagrams, animations, audio and video and deliver highly effective course material.
The team at SDM offers end-to-end user experience throughout the learning lifecycle. From the initial detailed need analysis, development of all the complex components that make a good multimedia presentation to user testing and delivery of the finished product, we make sure design is aligned with technology and create exceptional user experiences.
SDM’s UI experts proactively follow a collaborative and iterative approach to achieve user interfaces factoring in the capabilities and constraints of the target platform and displays.
For the mind to engage and retain the subject at hand, we design training environments in three dimensions and pair it with virtual worlds for scenario based training, making learning interesting and fun.
Our multimedia presentations are also highly interactive and rich in features of effortless search, downloads, launching video at a click of the mouse and easy chat communication facility directly with the tutor and more.
Highlights of key features of SDM multimedia production are:
  • Built with a balance of light weight and high quality for quick loading
  • Best-of-breed multimedia technology
  • Compelling graphics and animations
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Interactive and engaging
Multimedia presentations developed at SDM can be integrated with various delivery methods of web/LMS or offline, and supporting key standards that allow content interoperability, metadata tagging and data tracking.