Knowledge Management
Knowledge management services at SDM revolve around client’s organizational objectives. SDM team fully understands the value of knowledge acquired over years of effort and experience. We develop systems to leverage such hard earned knowledge to share experiences, record results, innovate and improve performance by revisiting experiences and implement that knowledge in current situations.
SDM’ knowledge management encompasses systems that facilitate the application and development of organizational knowledge and aims to create value and to optimizes competitive advantage for the organization
We at SDM firmly believe knowledge management systems are an enabler of organizational learning from its own fount of information. The KM teams at SDM Technologies will set-up efficient systems to retrieve data for decision makers to assess for use in everyday business activities. We ensure data is validated and appropriate technologies and tools are enabled to facilitate knowledge management.
SDM developed knowledge management systems helps manage newly created information in product development, customer feedback data and plays a pivotal role in developing new and improved products for R&D teams.
The KM teams commence work with collecting data and information and perform detailed analysis before turning it into useful knowledge. The team then intelligently converts tacit information into an explicit knowledge base through disciplined documentation and coding processes for various applications and ready for knowledge transfer.