Interactive Learning Objects
Interactive learning object services from SDM Technologies are provided through discrete digital action intended to result in a targeted learning outcome.
With a collection of items such as content, practice and assessment items are combined based on a single learning objective or units of learning, at SDM Technologies.
SDM’s learning objects development method offers new conceptualization of the learning process: rather than the traditional "several hour chunk", we provide smaller, self-contained, re-usable units of learning.
We provide a number of components, ranging from descriptive data to information about rights and educational level. At the core of the learning objects are the instructional content, practice, and assessment.
The following points will illustrate SDM interactive learning objects:
  • Branching logic trees
  • Interactive case studies
  • Mini games
  • Interactive multimedia presentations
  • Interactive simulations
SDM’s customized learning objects engage participants in interactive experiences through multimedia: video, graphics, narrative, animation, and applets. Activities designed to trigger critical thinking, manipulation of data, select the right options, and problem solving. Instant feedback systems further enhances participants engagement levels and improves performance outcomes.