Interactive eBook formatting
SDM developed interactive eBooks makes digital delivery of information and learning fun and interesting. Interactive eBooks have evolved to the extent that all possible functions can be presented digitally.
Team SDM make full use of emerging mobile and graphic tools and transport users to a world of fascinating interactive experience and make reading a joy through interactive eBooks.
Specially designed and developed for digital consumption, interactive eBooks are popular and sought after in the eLearning domain. SDM Technologies specialized skills help publishers take full advantage of interactive eBooks, featuring searchable text; rich media, audio, video, and interactivity; together with internal and external linking. Team SDM provide enriched content with semantic tagging, making it interoperable across devices.
SDM Technologies professionals transform conventional content into spellbinding interactive eBooks creating market demand.
Interactive eBook is applicable in all situations and domains for high level reader engagement such as:
  • eLearning courses
  • Professional books
  • Textbooks
  • Fiction
  • Medical journals
  • Product user manuals