Game Design and Development
Edutainment or Game-based learning is an area of specialization where SDM Technologies creative skills are fully expressed. In the hands of SDM’s experienced game development team games as a tool becomes highly effective to deliver lessons and completely commands participant’s attention, learning through games is equally applicable to corporations and educational institutions.
Some of the important applications of SDM developed game design are:
  • Makes learning fun
  • Command complete attention of participants
  • Encourage learners to learn outside the classroom
SDM built games are developed with a user-centric perspective – creative with rich graphics, high quality animation and highly entertaining; built systematically, the efficiency quotient minimizes the cost of development.
We build features and experiences to make users explore various situations, assess available options, make firm decisions and perform actions in each of our game development assignments to help participants retain information and apply the lessons in the real world.
SDM expertly create intuitive learning environments to immerse participants in situations that encourage play, experiment, learn from mistakes and proceed onwards towards successful goal achievement.
Our game design and development services span the complete spectrum of gaming lifecycle, including:
  • Target audience analysis
  • Game concept and story development
  • Designing game themes and mission
  • Defining game play
  • Character development
  • Artwork and dialog
  • Programming
Gaming design and development team at SDM is up-to-date with new gaming innovations and methodologies – a key in our ability to deliver exciting new gaming possibilities. Each member of team SDM is a specialist with the collective capability from writing game concepts, mockup development, developing multiple stages of visual design and code the idea to perfection with attractive and interactive features, and finally perform tests, debug, confirm, validate and deliver the final game.