ePub3 Book Formating
The emergence of eBooks owes its popularity to the ePub format of electronic publishing. Recognized by IDPF - International Digital Publishing Forum -as the standard for digital publishing, we at SDM Technologies specialize in quality ePub3 formatting of content presentation at the highest level.
The ground-breaking ePub3 publishing format is built on HTML5 and therefore able to present user experience with rich media and interactivity. The publishing industry is moving inexorably to the Web platform as its core content delivery architecture and the way forward is the next-generation portable documents based on the HTML5 Open Web Platform.
Experienced team of ePub3 experts convert existing Open eBook Publication Structure content formatted in older ePub versions into ePub3 book formatting with:
  • Rich media enhancements - audio & video
  • Based on HTML5 and CSS3
  • Better support for fonts, styling and languages
  • JavaScript for interactivity
  • Greater flexibility for references and linking
  • Broader support for metadata
Current technology advances are continuously updated and applied as a standard for our clients around the world providing end-to-end services that include presentation, packaging, encoding and inclusion of videos, images, audio that exceed client expectations. SDM ePub3 conversion and formatting services also include editing, optimization of illustrations and image files that enhance the presentation.
SDM ePub 3 team are trained to deliver value by streamlining workflow and supply chain so publishers can distribute stylish titles as a ePub file in all channels.