eBook Fixed Layout Formatting Service
The fixed layout formatting techniques we employ at SDM Technologies help create eBooks with precision layout exactly replicating the source through CSS. Fixed layout is our platform of choice for existing documents that are in ePub2.0 format.
We ensure eBooks formatted in fixed layout maintains the design and presentation of its print books faithfully. Fixed layout format is the solution for eBooks rich in images and graphics such as: magazines, art books, cook books and children’s books.
Experts at SDM ensure our fixed layout format retains the original layout and design as the print version as per strict ePub 3 specifications. We believe content presentation should adapt to the user rather than the user having to adapt to a particular representation of content.
SDM’s team of creative designers and trained programmers recreate each page in the digital format with added interactive features like the ePub3’s unique zooming feature.
SDM employs techniques that do not allow elements to flow across the page in any settings. Some of the features of fixed layout services are:
  • Embedded fonts
  • Precision placement of graphic elements
  • Set background colors
  • Wrap text around images
  • Provide horizontal orientation
  • Multi-column text pages