eBook Digital Rights Management
At SDM Technologies, we ensure digital distribution of eBooks provides multiple benefits to readers, authors and businesses; however, protection of intellectual property rights is now vital and poses a stiff challenge.
Unauthorized exploitation of traditional book content was comparatively limited. Today breaching copyright law is more widespread due to the ease with which eBooks can be copied and transmitted.
To meet this challenge, we at SDM Technologies employ Digital Rights Management (DRM) as the principal mechanism to protect eBooks from being copied and transmitted without applicable rights and authorizations.
To protect eBooks from piracy and disallow copyright infringements, we embed DRM encrypted code within eBooks programmed to prevent copying, and stipulate a preset time period for access and controls devices in which the content can be accessed also controlling the number of devices content can be installed.
SDM’s DRM solution essentially locks digital files and ties the file to the account of the purchaser. SDM’s DRM solutions prevents access to open the file unless their device or software has the correct key, and also locks other features of the eBook even for valid owners, such as printing and copying content. Digital Rights Management is critical in the content delivery strategy of publishing eBooks. Our DRM solution ensures access to the right people, with correct permissions the right to use entitled content. Our DRM solutions are designed to work with least hassle and clear entitlement system and do not dilute the user experience.
SDM Technologies understands the publishing industry and its demand for an effective and foolproof DRM solution that can be easily implemented. Directly addressing this important aspect of eBook publishing, we at SDM provide a practical DRM solution with an encrypted mechanism that locks the content and limits its distribution to authorized users and systems, which is affordable to even small and medium publishers.