eBook Audio & Video Embedding
We at SDM are ahead of the curve in the eBook audio & video embedding techniques fully leveraging the popularity of eBooks and the world of features and functions it offers to book reading experience. Enhancements with audio and video are additional features that make an eBook more interesting, informative and interactive.
Embedding audio and video files in eBooks is a much sought after eBook enhancement today connecting media content to eBook pages and making it possible for readers to access the linked content.
In addition to audio/video embedding in eBooks team SDM, also provides widget installation and development of custom JavaScripting. The team works closely with clients to pinpoint the level of features and effects suitable for the project and in selecting the right tools and technologies.
Conversion of analog and legacy content to digital output requires high level know-how and skills in current technologies, as well as thorough knowledge and prudent use of workflow automation tools. SDM Technologies is specialized in a range of content technologies and platforms.
eBooks have many elements and are a delight to use unlike flat versions of print books. Basic features of every eBook is linking within the eBook, links to outside resources and implementation of good design are foundational elements of every eBook.
While embedding audio and video files within eBooks it is important to secure necessary rights to include any media within eBooks. Audio / video files can be large and embedding within an eBook increases the file size considerably. Most major eBook retailers have set clear guidelines as to the file size limits for audio/video content that can be included in eBooks