eBook as an App
We build eBooks to offer convenience, ease of use and effortless access to readers and create eBooks in numerous formats aimed at scores of devices and platforms. SDM Technologies also develops eBooks as applications or Apps as they are popularly known. eBooks as an App developed by SDM is accessed directly without having to go through a browser. We create eBooks as an App specifically to devices such as iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
Trained professionals at SDM Technologies create engaging and feature rich eBooks as applications through cutting edge mobile technologies, content design, development and instructional design principles. Team SDM’ understanding of digital publishing is vast and by leveraging this knowledge base of the publishing and eLearning industries, we deliver eBooks as an App with engaging content and appealing aesthetics.
Some of the standard features of eBook as an App created by SDM Technologies are:
  • Multimedia
  • Rich Graphics
  • Audio & Video
  • Animation
  • Location-Aware Functionalities
  • Usage of Accelerometer
  • Social Media Connectivity - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin
The cost of development eBook as an App is generally higher than ePub. We at SDM employ several innovative and cost effective methods such as: open standards and cross-platform and cross-device standards. We also separate content from programming code wherever possible. In addition to quality services, our support to clients extends throughout the process of building the App, approvals to launch in the App store.