e Book Creation
SDM Technologies is committed in making the eBook creation process effortless for authors and publishers. SDM assists you with for eBook development, formatting advice and customized eBook process development.
With the paradigm shift in the publishing world, consumers are now adapting to the digital book experience over the traditional. This development combined with ePub3 and HTML 5 technology advancements is spreading the use of handheld devices worldwide opening up new opportunities for publishers.
SDM as your eBook creating technology partner makes it possible to present your book to an unlimited audience across the globe cost effectively. Our tailored production workflows and modern distribution methods enables your publishing efforts and collections reach audiences faster, bringing down time to market and dramatically maximizing efficiency.
SDM eBook creation service helps publishers meet the demand of today’s digital reading public delivering tailored solutions for each requirement. Our trained team of technology professionals supports you with strategic ideas in optimizing exposure of your publication that directly reflects on sales and the bottom line.
Some of the advantages of eBook creation are:
  • Reduced Costs: Typesetting costs are reduced up-to 80%
  • Faster Time to Market: Cuts lead-times to product launch by up-to 50%
  • Faster production of any volume
  • Secure distribution
  • Accessible in multiple devices
  • Preferred by students, professionals as well as the general reading public - currently over eighty percent new textbooks are produced as an eBook and everyday more readers are migrating to digital reading habits - encouraging publishers directly produce eBooks