Conversion Services
SDM Technologies is leading the way setting industry standards transforming and delivering content for modern digital devices. We help convert all types of data – printed documents to all word processed, typeset document formats - to effectively all applications, structured or unstructured formats including custom and DTDs and schemas. SDM team’s experience in conversion services is enormous.
SDM document and data conversion services include:
  • XML and HTML Conversions
  • PubMed, JATS, NLM, and Bookshelf
  • Automated Processing
  • Catalog and Parts Data Digitization
  • Library Digitization
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL) and ACA6004
  • OCR/Scanning
  • Audio/Video Transcription
SDM’s trained data conversion experts provide project management, engineering, and production support in executing complex data and document conversion requirements, our conversion services encompass complete project lifecycles from technical analysis through conception stage to design and implementation.
SDM Technologies has a firmly established advanced automated and scalable production process, ensuring each document is converted to perfection efficiently within set timelines. Our expertise extends to all types of document and data conversion from a multitude of formats to word document format such as:
  • High volume HTML to PDF
  • HTML to XML
  • RTF to PDF
  • PNM, PBM, PNG to PDF
  • XML to DBF
  • XML to SGML
  • XML to Word
  • DBF to XLS
  • CHM to HLP
  • CHM to TXT
  • DXF to WMF
  • WMF to DXF
Our highly trained conversion services team is fully equipped to convert unstructured data into a variety of digital formats, capturing data from handwritten forms accurately to be converted into a valuable resource.