Content Technology
SDM Technologies specializes in a range of content technologies and platforms. Converting analog and legacy content requires a high level of application know-how in new technologies and ability in the use of workflow automation tools.
Sound knowledge of popular industry wide standards like the ePub 3 to proprietary copy editing tools together with extensive experience in the publishing industry and our proficiency in these platforms facilitate heightened efficiency with automated workflows, substantial cost reduction and speedier time-to-market for our clients.
SDM Technologies provides a comprehensive range of content technology development services including:
Our content technology development services help build, implement, publish and monetize content assets in today’s digital publishing era. The team makes every effort to accurately understand the needs and challenges at the initial discovery stage and turns its focus on planning, implementation and deployment with a thorough understanding of requirements.
Deploying technology effectively is the key to success in our digital publishing era; the underlying strength at SDM is to partner with clients in the creation to publishing and management of digital content profitably.