Content Production
Opportunities for digitally distributing previously published books, magazines and professional content are unlimited; team SDM supports organizations put the ā€œeā€ first in the content production process, adapting best practices and procedures to take full advantage of all the opportunities presented by digital content.
We at SDM Technologies assist publishers make the transition to an ePublishing environment through our efficient content production solutions.
SDM subject matter specialists have a proven track record of content mining, building, transforming content, suitably package and digitally deliver it to targeted audience.
Content production experts at SDM Technologies work with structured and unstructured content, fully equipped to aid organizations identify new revenue streams and capabilities in the digital publishing arena. Domain exposure at SDM in content production includes global clients across market sectors of IT, health care, Pharmaceuticals, financial services, publishing, manufacturing, technology, automotive and the hospitality sector.
SDM empowers organizations capitalize on the value of their content through innovative content production technologies, providing clients with a competitive advantage by creating unique strategies.
With a complete suite of digital, publishing, content production, technology development and customer support services, team SDM works to help you adapt to the rapidly changing demands and needs of your customers through our unique and innovative solutions.